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Calcination process

Calcination is a process of heating, without fusion, to change the physical or chemical constitution of substances. Calcining process consists of 3 main objectives. The first objective is to remove water which is absorbed as water of crystallization or water of constitution. The second objective of calcining is to remove CO2, SO2 and other volatile substances. The third objective of calcination is the oxidation of the substance completely or partially. Calcination is also done in the processes of firing, roasting and burning. Calcination is also referred as calcining. Chemically calcination can be defined as thermal decomposition process applied to substances and ores to bring about phase transition, removal of volatile fractions and thermal decomposition. Calcining process is done on the temperature below the boiling point of the substance subjected to calcinations. The most common application, in which the process of calcining is done, is the decomposition of CaCO3 to CaO and CO2 to produce cement. The product yielded as a result of the process of calcination is called calcine, regardless to the substance gone under the process of calcination. Calcining process is carried out in various sorts of reactors and furnaces including rotary kilns, shaft furnaces, fluidized bed reactors and multiple hearth furnaces. In these furnaces calcined clay is also used for carrying out calcining.
Few products are obtained as a result of calcination process. Few of such examples are decomposition of carbonate minerals, hydrated minerals, and volatile matter and phase transformations. In decomposition of carbonate minerals, calcining is done to drive off CO2. For decomposition of hydrated minerals, calcination of bauxite is done to remove the water of crystallization. Calcination process is used to remove volatile matter for raw petroleum coke. Calcination help in phase transformations like devitrification of glass and conversion of anatase to rutile.

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