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Cement grinding station technology

Detailed introduction to Cement Grinding Unit:
Process description
(1) Clinker & gypsum or additive Ship unload & Conveying
Clinker will be loaded into hopper by crane which in the wharf, under one hopper, a bar gate is installed to feed the clinker to a belt conveyors. The other hopper store gypsum or additive, a bar gate is also installed to feed the gypsum or additive to another belt conveyors, Then via another belt the gypsum or additive is conveyed to the pre- homogenization shed.
(2) Clinker storage and gypsum crushing and cement dosing
The clinker is conveyed to the clinker silo for storage by belt conveyor. The gypsum will be stored in the storage shed after crushed by a hammer crusher and then transported to gypsum proportion silo with additive via belt conveyor. There are three raw material bins, which are used for storing the clinker, gypsum and additive separately. The proportioned materials was extracted by electrical belt weigher, then transported to the cement mill by belt conveyor .
(3) Cement grinding
The material which come from cement proportion system be conveyed to φ4.2m×13.5m ball mill for grinding by belt conveyor, then be conveyed to O-Sepa N-2500 high efficiency Separator by airslide and bucket elevator for choosing , afterward airslide take coarse powder return to ball mill for re-milling. high efficiency separator take fine power to pleum pulse bag filter. The material collected by bag filter as finished product transported to cement silo by airslide. The exhausted gas of cement grinding system should be purified before enter into atmosphere by pleum pulse bag filter.
(4) Cement storage
The finished cement product which come from cement grinding workshop will be conveyed to cement silo which its effective storage capacity is 7500 tons each for storage by airslide. Cement in silo will be conveyed to cement packing and bulk cement dispatch by discharging system and airslide after have been homogenized.
(5) Cement packing and finishing silo and bulk cement dispatch
Cement from cement silo will be divided into two ways after elevated by bucket elevator, one way will be packed into bagged cement by rotary packing machine through vibrating sieve, buffer hopper and vertical discharge valve. Bagged cement will be dispatched by bag loading machine. Another way will be conveyed to bulk cement bin by airslide then be dispatched by bulk cement loader.
(6)Air Compressor Station
To meet the quantitative demands for compressed air, three air compressor of 11 m3/min are proposed, one of them as stand by. The air compressor is working with an air-dryer which are to remove water and oil from the compressed air so as to produce pure and dry air, the air-dryer handles the same amount of air as the air compressor.

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